About Us!

Who we are...

Plumbing Masters started in 2006 on the front range of Colorado. Shortly thereafter, the housing market came to a screeching halt. We did service work and remodels until 2008. Then we were asked to plumb some houses in Casper, WY. We commuted to Casper for 1 1/2 years until we took a leap of faith and moved to Casper. Work was off to a slow start in the beginning, however it quickly turned into a very busy business with growing demands. Through the ups and downs over the next couple of years we were able to hire and retain great employees.  At Plumbing Master we are committed to the mastery of our trade.

We maintain this by our Core Values. They include:

  • Mastery: taking pride in our work by being the masters at out art.
  • Accountability: taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Self-Confidence: we realize our strengths and let them guide us.
  • Trustworthy: we are dependable and reliable.
  • Ethical: honesty is our best policy.
  • Respect: we treat others how we wish to be treated.
  • Style: we like to stay "fresh" with always having a positive attitude.